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I'm Maria Birs and this is my site. Here is a short interview I took part in back in 2013 by Erin Campbell:

  1. Erin: If someone said, "lets go and get a tattoo right now" what would you get?

    Maria: I love seeing them on others, but I don't think I'd ever get one. I'm not good with pain and I don't want it looking wierd when I get pregnant and gain a lot of weight. I I were to though, I'd get a special symbol or date on my wrist. Like my brother's birth date or a tiny black cat.
  2. Erin: Do you put a star or an angel on top of your Christmas tree?

    Maria: I actually put a bow on top of my tree, a big, glittery one.
  3. Erin: Do you watch the X factor and if you do, who is your favourite contestant this year?

    Maria: I don't watch it currently, but sometimes I download the series after it finishes and I see them all in a few days.
  4. Erin: What do you think has been the luckiest day of your life?

    Maria: Luckiest? Hmm, I'd love to go all sentimental about it and remember when all the special people came into my life, but the luckiest day I guess was actually when my life was literally saved by a doctor I'll forever admire and be grateful to.
  5. Erin: What is your favourite movie?

    Maria: Can I name more than one? I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so those are my favourite movies and the books are also my favourite ones. I love a good story.
  6. Erin: If you were to cure something in this world, what would it be?

    Maria: I'd say luekemia. It's the cancer I hate the most.
  7. Erin: What is your latest obsession? ( Mine is Oliver, I can't stop watching it! )

    Maria: I was obsessing over "That 70's show", I watched day and night until I had finished it a few days ago. I can't believe it's over, I don't know what to do with my life from now on!
  8. Erin: If you were to have dinner with someone dead or alive, who would it be?

    Maria: Well, I'd have a romantic dinner with Bruce Willis. And if it turnes out by the end of my date that I don't actually love him, I'd ditch him for a fun girls night out with Dita von Teese. I'd love to have dinner with that woman, but I don't think she eats much.
  9. Erin: Is there anything you think you missed during the years when you were a baby?

    Maria: When I was a baby my parents told me we didn't have a tv in our house haha. That must have been boring.
  10. Erin: If you were a famous fashion designer and you were retiring, who would you make your last item of clothing for?

    Maria: I'd make a stage outfit for Dita, that's sure. Imagine using all the glitter and girly stuff you want!

Thanks again,

You are most welcome, and I thank you too! :) Have a lovely week! xoxo