Hues of Valentine, Makeup for Watering Eyes

hues of valentine Here is a look at Hues of Valentine, makeup for watering eyes which is a problem that afflicts a lot of girls at this time of the year when pollen counts are high.

Well allergy season is around the corner, and apparently also am I, because my eyes are running like crazy and there's not much I can do on them makeup related.

That's why you'll be seeing me wearing my eyeshadows mostly on my upper lids.

But, the good part is that now I can do a series for girls with the same problem as me, terribly running eyes that tear all over the place.

My main tearing area is my lower outer corner, but I know many have this problem in the lower inner corner. Not a problem, I'll get to you too!

Creating the Look

The look I had on today was a simple cat eye liner and a tiny bit of colour in the crease, mainly a mixture of taupe, pink and brown.

valentines makeup

Excuse the dumb smile, I have no idea how else to do it.

I used the BH 120 palette as usual.

colour pallet


1, 2, 3,4- Crease

5- All over the upper lid


Kallos Love Liquid Liner


Maybelline Turbo Boost


Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm


Rimmel London brow pencil in Dark Brown

And in case you are wondering, here's the look with a bold lip on.


I will try to use more Valentine themed hues on the next looks too, just to keep up with the day ^_^ aaaaaand because pinks, reds and maroons are my favorite colours, although I don't wear them much on my eyes.

Many of you loves have started doing Valentine's Day looks and gift guides and all sorts of related posts, wich I enjoy very much! Thank you for being here to inspire me. I'll keep my eyes out for them from now on too.

Everyone probably did this last year or the year before or the year before that and so on, but I would love to read all of your love stories! If you have yours prepared for VDay, don't forget to tweet me the link, or let me now about it, in case I don't find it by myself.

Here's a last glimpse of the look I had on today, see you loves soon!

last glimpse


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