Makeup Routine

I decided to journal my own makeup routine for this year and share it with you all here so you can see what I do and how I do it and what the result ends up being!

makeup routine before after

I've been busy and pictured my steps from after getting out of the shower to getting ready, I hope you enjoy ^_^

makeup routine step 1

After washing up, I use my Heaven Limited Edition Cleanser to make sure my skin is all squeaky clean.

makeup routine step 2

To prevent my skin from getting all oiled up during the day, I use this Heaven Peppermint toner. Works wonders and smells great.

makeup routine step 3

It's pretty darn windy outside and my skin could use the extra help: Heaven Youthful moisturizer gives me soft skin and does not gease it up.

makeup routine step 4

Now that my face is ready, I can go ahead and apply the basics: foundation, powder and blush. Since it's just an every day look I don't use everything I have, like contour, bronzer, etc etc

makeup routine step 5

Get yourself some eyebrows.

makeup routine step 6

I wear eyeshadow every day. If I'm not sure what I'll be wearing, I just pop a neutral or easy to match colour. I also try to keep it washed out, unless I know I;ll have it in my outfit as well or it needs to contrast something.

makeup routine step 7

Eyeliner and mascara every day.

makeup routine step 8

After makeup, I put in my extensions.

makeup routine complete

After getting dressed I put on my lipstick or lip balm.

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Did anyone else try this? Link me up, I'd love to read/see it!


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