Can Thin Hair Become Thick Again for Women?

If you're a woman experiencing hair thinning, it's natural to wonder can thin hair become thick again for women of any age, but especially as you age?

The short answer is that it is not really possible to alter the texture of their hair, but it can be possible to increase the density of hair on the scalp.

thinning hairThis article looks at ways to improve hair density and the appearance of thickness that are both natural and by using certain products.

What is Hair Thinning?

A woman's hair can become thinner when there is an increase of hair fall due to a variety of causes, from pregnancy to injury to malnutrition or bad dietary choices to excess alcohol intake or drug use.

Female baldness or hair thinning is not as common as male pattern baldness, but it does occur in enough women for it to be a problem that needs to be solved.

Hair diameter can also become reduced when there is a lack of correct nutrition or an imbalance of hormones at work. The cause needs to be identified first before any treatments are initiated.

Natural Hair Treatments

Where hair has begun thinning due to problems with the diet, the first step is to take a long hard look at what you're eating and drinking and correct your diet!

Eating a diet high in processed foods, sugar and artificial additives over a long period of time can be the cause of a number of health issues. One visible symptom of a bad diet can be the thinning of the hair due to lack of nutrition.

Lack of sleep can also be a factor in the cause of a woman's hair becoming thinner, as this reduces the time the body has avai9lable to restore and repair itself after the exertions of the day. Stress is linked to incomplete sleep and together they can cause all number of health problems, so making sure to get plenty of unbroken, restful sleep every night is a great natural hair tonic!

Of course the best natural treatment that you should start with is to focus on good nutrition to feed the hair roots and follicles so that they produce thick, strong, healthy hair strands while ensuring you get enough sleep while dealing with stress.

Substance Abuse

Drug abuse, excessive smoking (and vaping) and alcohol abuse can also weaken hair follicles, causing dropout and hair diameter reduction.

This can give rise to the appearance of thinner hair and visible areas of bare scalp. If this is a problem you have, it must be fixed first!

Introducing more fresh, whole foods into your diet to replace processed and high sugar food products can make a marked difference to the appearance of your hair over time, simply because of the better nutrition and the ″feeding″ of your hair follicles with the nutrients they need to grow thick, healthy hair strands.

General Health

If you're wanting thicker hair, it's in your best interest to look after yourself and take care of your health in general.

One of the best ways of doing this is to decrease emotional and mental stress. Stress itself can exacerbate hair thinning as it upsets your body's natural balance.

Maintaining a healthy diet plays a tremendous role in hair health. Because your hair is the last place that receives protein and iron, make sure your food contains plenty of both. Experts recommend eating 120 grams of protein containing all essential amino acids each day is good for keeping hair strong.

Keeping your intake of vitamins and minerals at the right levels can also help keep your hair looking thick, glossy and healthy.

Hair Styling

Styling and combing your hair carefully to avoid breakage can also foster growth and thickening.

Be gentle with your hair! That includes being careful if towel drying. Avoid tugging hard when you dry it or brush it and also don't wear tight hairstyles like high buns and ponytails too frequently.

While thick or thin hair can often be a genetic trait, naturally thin hair can easily be damaged by pulling and rough treatment.

Look After Your Scalp

It is your scalp that contains the all-important hair follicles that grow your hair, so it makes sense to make sure your scalp is well looked after!

Experts agree that good scalp health is of great importance when thickening or growing hair. Keep the nutrition flowing by eating healthily and avoiding toxins in processed foods and in the environment.

Scalp issues such as psoriasis, dandruff and build-up can cause their own problems for hair to grow effectively.

Another factor to be aware of with regard to scalp nutrition is the condition where the ″dermal papillae″ fold over and cut off nutrients to individual strands of hair. This is quite common but can be effectively treated and prevented with a bioharmony and lift factor product called Divine Locks.

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Divine Locks

This is an ingestible hair thickening product that supports the restoration of thicker, healthier and more youthful appearing hair (according to the manufacturer).

Divine Locks is not a topical application, but taken orally as a supplement. This makes it much more appealing to people who have maybe tried other topical products that have not worked, or they know someone who has been in that situation.

I'd like to recommend at least checking out this product if your hair is thinning and there is no obvious cause that you know of or that your doctor can readily diagnose.

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The bottom line is to take good care of your hair by taking good care of your health.

Healthy hair reflects a healthy person who eats a healthy nutritious diet, is generally happy and relaxed and not chronically stressed out all the time or who is abusing substances that are detrimental to health.

Remember, your body is a miracle of creation and is designed to be healthy as long as you do the right things to keep it that way!


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