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Hey lovelies, did you have a good weekend?

I had a full day of work yesterday so mine was basically non existent. I tried to sleep in late today but I still woke up at 8, adult life is really not as fun as I had imagined "tear drops."

Now that I have a few moments free, I wanted to share a quick makeup of the day with you, I'll be honest I'm kind of cheating since this is a look from two days ago, as you probably saw on Instagram.

Shameless Selfie Time has evolved to new territories, I'm now taking my pictures not only next to the walls, but in the middle of the yard so the neighbors can have a fun time laughing at me.

Here's what I used to turn this face into an almost human one:

As you can imagine, my liner always starts off as a thin one. until I try to make it even on both sides and I end up with a dark villain winged look.

And don't you be fooled by this good picture I posted, I actually look like this in real life:

I hope to get back to my regular twice a week posts soon, I know I haven't been keeping up with that lately, so I wanted to apologize.

Life stuff unrelated to this post:

New people make me uncomfortable, I feel like the world is ending when friends bring some of their own friends to hang out with us, THAT IS MY LIVING HELL. I get used to people so hard and I feel so awkward for feeling awkward around them, most days I just want to crawl in a hole and stay there until they all go away.

And people probably think I don't like them because I find a place to sit away from the group and remain quiet until I leave. Online I love new people and I love talking to all of you, but put me in a crowded room and ask me to talk to people and I just might drop dead.

I brought this up because someone asked me in an older comment how come I am so friendly and open on social media and on here. Well, I can't give you an exact explanation, but here's what I think: you read whatever nonsense I post and you still stick around, you still follow and you still interact with me, and that makes me believe that you already like me, so there's no reason to fear scaring you off with my boring awkwardness.

I hope.

Thank you for being kind, and thank you for not giving me anxiety, you all are the coolest people I never met bhahaha :D

Have a beautiful week!